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[RC] rubbing crupper - ideas? - DreamWeaver

Do I have to wait until his tail area toughens up?

A well fitting crupper should not rub at all, over any distance. If it rubs on only a training ride, then you should try a different crupper or make some sort of adjustments. I have found that I need to use a specific type of tail piece, one that is round in shape and tapers off towards the buckles. After lots of use, even those types will wear and no longer fit as well and need replacing (tho, that does take thousands of miles of use). The ones I like I get thru Katee Owens at Advantage Saddles: owensall@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or http://www.advantagesaddles.com/index.html I use beta biothane for the rest of it, and that also needs replacing after a few thousand miles of use. I like to use stainless hardware, as brass hardware will eventually turn a grey horse green. I have never had any luck with the flatter type tail pieces. (but then, I do ride my horses a lot more than most people)

Before each ride I vaseline the tail piece. I'm sure that there are lots of other lubricants that will work. I will reapply the vaseline during a long ride as well.

If rubbing is happening on say the top of the croup area of the horse then an easy and temporary fix for that is silicone. This does have to be applied to the horse the night before the ride. If you put a quarter sized glob of it right over the top of the spot that rubs (often it is the round ring or where the material has been stitched) and allow it to dry overnight it will protect that area during the ride the next day. Then, when finished simply pull off the chunk of silicone. Don't overdue the area that you apply silicone to, as it does not breath. You only want to use it to protect a small area.

It probably does help to get a horse used to going in a crupper over the course of several rides. Sometimes they do need adjustment between how long the single piece is that clips to the back of the saddle, or on each side where the tail piece connects to the Y of the connection. You should adjust it as much as possible so any folded over parts that have been stitched are facing up (and not fur side down).

If at any time during a ride your horse gets sore or rubbed underside of the tail, I would suggest taking the crupper off and then getting off on all of the downhills for the remainder of that ride. Then work on figuring out what you need to in order to keep that from happening next time.

Chief may not really need a crupper, yet I use one on him since he is short backed I don't want to make him sore so I use one on him. He did not have any rubbing anywhere from the 20 Mule Team 100, and I rode him in Rocky's Sports Saddle.

Good luck,

in NV

We are talking about all the tools we can use to keep our horses safe and
alive at the rides. Training/conditioning is one of the best tools
available. It makes us better horseman and women, it benefits our horses
and could quite possibly be the key to preventing most crashes.
~ Lisa Salas - The Odd Farm

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