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Re: [RC] JRT Puppies - Karen Clanin

i wasn't going to forward this to the list but since bonnie responded this way i will.  and with a note that i personally am finished with the subject.  as howard says, cya.


i've finished CH also, my malinois sired 8 ch's with 4 of those having UD's and 4 having CDX's, i have nearly 30 AKC titles on my own dogs and hundreds of students with titles including OTCH.  i just happen to prefer performance to conformation as i've seen to many dogs wearing the CH title that are not CH quality, i'm sure you have also. and people have to qualify to have one of our pups although i haven't bred in many years because there are to many in rescue so i refer people there now when i get calls.  have a good day.

At 01:24 PM 2/18/04, you wrote:
In a message dated 2/18/2004 1:10:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, kclanin@xxxxxxx writes:
not always a puppy mill

Of course not... but in general, I am suspicious. I have bred one MACH agility champion, plus that dog got his TDX and she is considering working on a VST title, plus he is a bench champion. I have bred one dog with a flyball dog title (don't know exactly how far he has gone since his first title). I have bred 4 champions and finished championship titles on five dogs (owner/handled) and have a young bitch with major points and a male just starting out. I have put a UD title on one dog plus many CD's and CDX's on other dogs of various breeds. And yes, I have shipped bitches out for breeding but I refuse to do that anymore. If someone wants to buy my puppies, they either drive or fly to California and pick it up personally and it goes home in a Sherpa bag under the seat of the plane. I am VERY picky about who I sell puppies to and have health checks on all breeding stock.
There is absolutely no money to be made but the enjoyment one gets from the letters of happy owners is worth it. The only problem, it makes it hard to get out and ride like I would like to.
So. Calif.

Re: [RC] JRT Puppies, MtnRondi