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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] was: Jack Russels now: puppy selection - Deanna German

I should probably read all the posts before I reply, but what the heck...

Buffy said:
"AKC is a joke, it is simply a registry.  So the fact that a dog is AKC
registered doesn't make it any better then one that isn't."

That's true. That's why it's so important to talk to and ask questions of
the breeder. Are they interested in working ability? What's their priority?
Are they breeding for the conformation ring? What are the problems inherent
in the breed? (every breed has some) What are they doing with their program
to try and avoid the problems. How true to type (hwoever that is defined)
are the breeder's dogs? (If there's no predictability at all, why are you
looking at this breeder's dogs?)

The AKC registry is a record of pedigrees. It's still up to the breeder to
know what's behind those pedigrees. For example, many of the dog breeds that
were found mainly in the UK and Europe before the two World Wars stock was
severely depleted because of the wars. Outcrosses were introduced to
diversify the gene pool. I think it's pretty important for a breeder of
those breeds to know what's back there only 50 or 60 years back!

Anytime a breeder gets singular minded about breeding for one thing, they're
going to lose something else (or several things) of value.

"I hold in the highest respect some of the breed clubs that
are not AKC sanctioned.  Such as the JRTCA, and the SV(German German
Shepherd registry).  The SV requires not only conformation titles, but
working titles, endurance test and breed survey for their top dogs.  They
have very strict restrictions on how many litters and bitch can have and how
many they can raise."

Some AKC registered breeds' breed associations have codes of ethics that
require this or something similar. (I'm sure you've heard the saying "A
well-balanced dog has a title at both ends.") There *are* AKC recongnized
breeds that are tightly controlled, but it is the group of dedicated
breeders that do that. Again, I go back to it's the responsibility of the
breeder to put good dogs on the ground. AND it's the responsibility of the
person acquiring the dog to do their homework.

"AKC tends to take breeds in and change them, they lose working ability and

Um, no, a recording entity doesn't do that. Breeders do when they are
breeding for one thing and one thing only -- pretty show ornaments -- or
ugly show ornaments if you're looking at a fLabrador show dog.

As for the rest of your post, I couldn't agree more. Especially the part
about acquiring a dog from a breeder who will take it back, no questions
asked. Think of it as an insurance policy -- if you die or your life
circumstances change, your dog will always have a home where he is loved.
(Dang, imagine life if horse breeders would ever come around to this way of

Take care!



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