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[RC] Angie's sick dog, there's hope! - oddfarm

Just recently we thought we were going to lose our Copper. (aka Whopper, Copper whop-whop, and Fat Dog) He is going on 12 years plus and a hound dog.
We had a bad rat problem so we put out tons of rat poison. I always have some in the hay and feed room but the dogs are not fed in there and the door is always closed. Anyway, I noticed one morning an open box of poison spread around the yard. I didn't think anything of it and was sure the dogs wouldn't eat it.
A few days later, I noticed Copper not looking so good. He was drinking way too much water, weaving as he walked and only able to walk a few steps before getting out of breath. I knew it was time for vet bills anyway because I had just deposited some money into the checking account. I forgot about the poison in the yard and rushed him to the vet. They ran a fluid IV, took x-rays and drew blood. The results showed a heart, pancreas and liver enlarged 3 times their normal size. The end was very near. I brought Copper home and prepared the family for the bad news.
As John and I were talking we remembered the poison in the yard. He must have eaten some of the rat poison. By this time his eyes were deep yellow and so were his gums. He wasn't eating or drinking, just laying in bed. Poor Whop-whop.
We kept an eye on him for a few days and then one morning when I went out to feed the horses, here came Copper wagging his tail and ready to eat. His eyes were bright white and his gums were a pretty pink. Of course he is going to live, the checking account was now empty. John says he will never need to be wormed again, especially for heart worms :) Even the flies don't land on him anymore.
So I hope, Angie that your pup pulls out of whatever is ailing him. It is amazing what our farm animals can tolerate and live through until that next bank deposit.
Our oldest dog was 18 when she had to be put down. Our oldest cat, Aim was 22 when he went out back and just laid down and died. We don't know how old the pig was but she was well over 10. We still have a cat who is 18 or so. Her breath stinks like dead, she drinks gallons of water, is very thin but eats a lot. The vets keep telling us she won't live very much longer. That started about 5 years ago.
She just goes on, and on, and on. Just like a hundred miler!
By the way Heidi, thanks for that info about too much grease. I didn't know that either and my husband has a bad habit of cleaning out the fridge and giving it all to the dogs.
Lisa Salas, the Odd faRm