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[RC] Boy, did she need a name change! - Nina Vasiliev

I bought a 3 yr old morab mare, named Mouse. While preparing to drive her the 7 hours home, I asked her old mom if she would suggest taking Mouse out to stretch mid trip. The seller said no, but suggested that I might offer Mouse water. In fact, if I put orange Gatoraid in the water, Mouse would be sure to drink it.

Mouse and I traveled very nicely. When I got to Dunismir, CA I stopped for gas. I filled a bucket with water/Gatorade, opened up the trailer door just enough for me to slip in, and ducked under the slant load divider to offer her some.

As soon as I ducked under, Mouse kicked me in the face and sent me flying backwards...

I did not pass out, but it took me a moment to figure out what happened. As soon as I realized that I had been kicked in the head, I thought I'd better get out of the trailer to where people could see me should I lose consciousness. I was bleeding and stunned. People gathered around me and soon I agreed to have 911 called in my behalf. The volunteer firemen showed up first. One of them owned a morgan gelding and eventually took Mouse to his house and turned her out alone in a pasture while I was in the hospital.

Luckily, I didn't have a broken neck or facial bones. I got 7 stitches in my right eyebrow. I was swollen from right check up to my eyebrow. My eye was swollen half closed and I had lots of pretty colors there. I looked like a domestic abuse victim. After several hours, the hospital released me that night. My husband was out of town, but my 2 sons left school and work, and my daughter-in-law left work to drive 4 hours to pick Mouse and me up, then drove 4 hours back home. What a great site they were, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, but perked up once my family was there.

We went to retrieve Mouse from the firefighter's pasture. I walked up to Mouse and she was glad to see me. After haltering her, she easily followed me and loaded into the trailer. My son, David and I took her home. Alex and Alison drove home in the car they had all brought up. Mouse finished the trip out quietly and settled into her new home nicely.

Although, I have ducked under the divider with my own horses a million times without incident, I know that what happened with Mouse was my fault. The good thing was that my slightly-horsy family seemed to know that too, so instead of telling me that I needed to take her back to Oregon, they started the adoption process in their hearts. Though, my husband said that she's no mouse...he's suggested renaming her "Kick-ass" "Left Jab" "Battering ram" "Bull's eye".

I awoke the next day, and knew that her name would be Ambush. That's what we've settled on.

Ambush has turned out to be a mare who learns quickly and is eager to please. Yet, still has lots of

But, she's no mouse. :-)

Nina Vasiliev

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