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[RC] Colic question - Wendy Mancini

    With all the collective experience out there I need some input.  I have a 25 yo Arab, Rhett,  at my barn who has now coliced for the second time in 2 months.  This little guy is very active, has good teeth, and no signs of Cushings.  He's been with me for 2 years.  Because we don't have outdoor shelter of any kind, the boys (5 horses) come in at night, out from dawn to dusk with rainsheets as needed.  Rhett is what seems to me the typical Arab, in that he's pretty gassy (compared to my QHs).  He eats 3 lbs omelene AM & PM plus 10 - 15 lbs Timothy hay AM & PM.  Outside there is a heated waterer, all prefer drinking from that.  Inside for the night they have their water buckets.  Rhett usually drinks 3/4 bucket water at night.  His manure comes out in firm round balls that separate & don't break up.  Yes, I have a concern over his hydration.
    He developed a colic last month resolved in several hours with pain med & tubing of fluids, laxative & oil.  
    Now for a second time, colic again.  Banamine & tubing again.  This time he passed gas after about 8 hrs. but didn't start passing manure for almost 24 hrs.  He remained perky & appeared comfortable with only 1 dose banamine.  I'm still thinking dehydration.  The manure is now a big, soft, plop.  
    Vet recommended changing feed to Senior.  Also recommended the Fenebenzol purge.  Esp. since his past worming history was 2 X/year.  He's been on a 5-6 week schedule for the past 2 years that rotates Ivermectin, Quest & double dose Pyrantel Pamoate.
    I'm not disagreeing that the feed change & worming will probably be good for him.  Actually, looking at the new information re: fenebenzol purge, considering it as part of the regular program for all 5 at the barn.       
    Doesn't this seem to be mostly a dehydration issue?  What else can we do ?  Add salt to feed? An electrolyte powder?  Probiotic?  Add water to feed?  Soak hay?  I did soak his hay tonight - this was his first feeding in about 36 hours & only 5 lbs.   
    Any experience with similar situations & what worked is appreciated.
    Wendy Mancini