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[RC] weirdest pet - GarnerT

I've never taken a pet to a ride, but I took 2 lambs to school with me for 2
weeks.  My son's ewe had triplets, but would only nurse 1.  For 2 solid
weeks I traipsed back & forth with 2 black lambs, a playpen, their bottles,
plus my books, etc.  Every kid in the 4th grade wanted to be in my class!
It was so much fun.  I taught at a very low income school & these kids had
never been around sheep.  By the way, my principal never knew about the
sheep - she never left her office - it was a joke around the campus as to
what I might bring next!  I've always had a zoo in my classroom:  baby
bunnies, frogs, lizards, iguanas, turtles, rats, fish, guinea pigs, you name
it.  My students took care of the feeding details, I did the cleaning.  They
learned responsibility about feeding & they learned after doing animal
chores - WASH YOUR HANDS!  Reptiles can harbor salmonella, so this was a
constant thing with me, which led to the conversation about those quick
bathroom breaks - did you wash your hands???  The last couple of years I've
taken a break from all the animal care, but I'm getting a hankering to have
some classroom pets again!  Beware Ride Managers, I might have to bring an
orphan .......... to a ride!

Kathy Garner
6th Grade Teacher (Which has really prepared me for Endurance Riding)


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