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Re: [RC] re: camping in the rain - Mary Ann Spencer

Horses are tough and evolved putting up with bad weather.  My horse here the now wet S CAL eats twice as much hay if he is not blanketed.  I did not go to the ride today because the passes required carrying chains and I had none for my 19inch tires.  We just don't have that much snow in TX so could not rationalize the expense for his first endurance ride.  Then there was a report about roads being washed out.  Guess I was just not meant to do that ride.  I can't afford to be stranded for a week, would looose my job and that is what pays for my horse habit.  mas
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From: oddfarm
Sent: Friday, December 31, 2004 5:13 AM
Subject: [RC] re: camping in the rain

It can get down right nasty in the SE with cold front rains that usually come in the middle of the night. When the horses are camping a waterproof sheet helps and maybe a layer of fleece.
But don't forget the most important thing....hay. Lots and lots of hay. A healthy horse really shouldn't have any problems in the rain, as long as they have something to keep the internal fires burning. I have seen my horses stop shivering in a matter of minutes once they started to chomp away. I had two horses go through a whole bale one night during a really cold rain in Tennessee. Every time I checked on them, they were wet, (didn't have raincoats yet) but not a muscle was twitching.
Also, another valid reason to keep your horses in good flesh. If they have enough body fat, they are pretty well insulated. But when a horse comes to a ride to thin, and over worked, their health and well being will be compromised no matter how many blankets you put on. If they spend the night trying to stay warm, and then have to go out and run 50 miles, things might not go right in the end.
I have started to carry lots of hay when I go to rides. That way, if we get caught in rain, I can leave a bale in the pen and let them munch on that. If I have hay leftover, I just take it home.
If you do put your horses in the trailer, make sure they are quiet. We camped next to someone who did that, and none of the dozen or so trailers around got any sleep that night! Stomping and screaming is all we heard, all night loooooong.
Lisa Salas, The Odd faRm

[RC] re: camping in the rain, oddfarm