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Re: [RC] Camping in the rain - Jody Rogers-Buttram

That's right Angie!!!   About the wool army blankets.  I am and have been sold on them for years.   I bought two this past year just for the horses.  I found a source for them that is great.  www.cheaperthandirt.com.    They have the 100%wool blankets for $11.99.

"rides2far@xxxxxxxx" <rides2far@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>>It is MISERABLE for the horses to be tired to horse trailer in the rain. But when caught in cold rain, put the horse in the trailer

I'd be very curious to see what sort of trailers we're talking about here. Maybe you have a big open stock trailer with plenty of head room and a deep bedding of shavings...if so, I guess *maybe* I'd say put'em in. I pull 2 horses in a 2 horse trailer and wouldn't think of making them spend the night in it! My horses do tend to come get under the shed when it rains but my neighbor's horses just stand out in it all winter and look like they're oblivious. Remember, horses haven't had "dens" like wolves for the past zillion years.

I sent the following to the original poster yesterday but meant to post to "all" for the sake of the paupers out there.

If you've got no good rain sheet or heavy blanket I have had very good luck with just a wool army blanket. Wool maintains its insulation qualities when wet so it will keep the horse warm even if it's soaked. I read in a very old Trail Blazer article (before *everybody* bought the *real* stuff) that you could put a shower curtain over your blanket to make a rain sheet. Well, went to great pains to find one without big bright flowers on it >g< but found the plastic to be too "crackly". Instead I confiscated my husband's nice poncho and it worked great. It was the soft sort of rubberized feeling plastic and had grommets at the corners. My final ensamble was to put a wool army blanket on first (I like it because it reaches up around their neck, then put a cheap horse sheet that had buckles, etc. on top then attach the poncho to that with a few hay ropes in the grommets. It worked better than the expensive one I have now that's made for the job but if the horse walks around a lot the wool blanket tends to work out the back.

When you saddle on ride morning especially if it's still raining remember to keep as much of your horse covered as possible while you warm him up. Don't just yank all that dry warmth off, slap on a saddle and leave him shivering in the rain...throw the blankets back over till the last minute. If it's really muddy might want to take a lesson from the track folks and tie a knot in his tail if he has a long one. You'd be amazed how much a tail full of mud weighs.



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Re: [RC] Camping in the rain, rides2far@xxxxxxxx