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[RC] [RC] Angled pasterns and shoeing - Deanna German

Perhaps the vet said "half rounds"? Maybe this is one of those regional
things where they are called "rounds" or "rounded" elsewhere.

In the gait cycle, there's a point right after the hoof is flat where the
leg moves the horse over the foot and then the hoof rolls over the toe and
then leaves the ground. "Break over" is that point where the hoof rolling
over the toe. Half rounds allow the foot to break over more easily and I can
see why the vet would recommend them for your horse. I'm a big fan of St.
Croix Eventers, often just called eventers, for the same reason. Eventers
are better in mud, but I know people who use half rounds too.

IMO, if your farrier doesn't know what half rounds are or couldn't guess it
from what you told us here, and "understood the complaint, but not the
solution" then you might consider getting a new farrier! A good bartering
deal isn't a good deal if the guy doesn't have a clue. The use of
half-rounds for your problem is not an advanced concept.

Just my 2 cents. :-) When I read questions like this, I suddenly know why
people want to chuck their farrier and have their horses go barefoot! Good
farriers ARE hard to find, but it's oh so worth it.

Deanna in Ohio, only a few AERC miles, but more than a few CTR miles

At Sera's first LD recently I asked the vet for some suggestions on her weak
points/areas to work on. No surprise he mentioned that she has a bit too much
slope to her pasterns and needs to be "under herself more". He mentioned
something about round shoes? I tried to explain to my farrier and he understood
the complaint, but not the solution. He's thinking the vet meant bar shoes, but
my farrier didn't think you'd want to compete in those.


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