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RE: [RC] [RC] Ez boots or Old Macs??? - terry banister - terry banister

I gave away my Easy Boots when I found Old Macs too! (But that was two years ago)
Now, not to say Old Macs don't work, they do. But you must not have used the new gaiters, which helps keep out debris and prevent rubbing pastern (it only takes once to get that inner strap too tight to get a nasty rub), but it makes application and removal just that much more tedious. I don't know how many endurance races you did in them, but with distance and soft footing, Macs must be checked periodically for debris and rubbing. I did a couple of 50's in Old Macs, and taking them off at lunch break and putting them back on, made for a shorter hour.

Boa Boots are just much easier on/off and they do last longer. But they must also be removed at least at lunch, and checked and emptied. At Fireworks 50, we found a rub at lunch stop and had to
finish barefoot.

The EPICS are a redesigned Easy Boot with an attached gaiter that makes all the difference in keeping the boot on. They do have the traditional EZ Boot cleats, but they are COVERED by a ridged RUBBER FLAP, And you can just FLATTEN THE METAL CLEATS. And the buckle CLAMP won't pop up if you PUT A COTTER PIN in the little hole.

The Epics stayed on well for the National Championship (50) for my horse, in spite of the water crossings, hills and sand. It was my friend who tried a pair FOR THE FIRST TIME ON RACE MORNING on her mare, but they were TWO SIZES TOO BIG (her mare wears a 00, and I only had a pair of size 1's). One of them did come off in the first ten miles, but after she put it back on and tightend the clamp to the third notch, they stayed on for the rest of the day (40 more miles). If they had been the correct size, and she had practiced with the adjustment prior to that day, we are sure it would not have come off. In spite of the water and sand, neither horse had any heel or pastern rubbing. Someone I know was pulled at lunch riding in Od Macs because of the sand rubbing (and he has been using them for endurance for 2 years). The EZ Boot Epics MAY NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED. At lunch, I just opened the gaiter and checked for debris and checked the back of the pastern. CLEAN! So far so good, I did not have to remove them! THAT is what I am looking for in a boot. Hoping that stays consistant! Still testing.

The different combinations of Water, sand and hills test all the brands of boots to their max. Some people have different terrain and riding patterns and get better results on a brand of boot than others. I have a whole duffel bag of boots of every brand and use them all for different terrain and distances, but they each have limitations. At least the new gaiters have helped all of the boots stay on better and rub less.

However, REALIZE that hoof-boot technology is just now EVOLVING (remember when the Easy Boot was the only one on the market for 20 years?) None of the boots on the market yet are the final answer. But we have to put hard miles on them before we find their limits. I am not selling boots for any company. I am testing them for endurance so that the boot makers can perfect their design. What works for endurance will work for the regular trail riders, which means lots of $$ for the bootmakers, so they will be motivated. The sooner we find boots that are easy on/off, perform consistantly and hold up for several hundred miles at a reasonable price, . . .the sooner we can make horseshoes obsolete! ;-))


Terry "May the Horse be with you"

From: Ridecamp Guest <guest-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Ez boots or Old Macs??? - terry banister
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 21:35:15 GMT

Please Reply to: Ron Shaffer ron.shaffer@xxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am sorry but I must completely disagree with Ms. Banister.  I
have been using Old Macs for over two years now on 2 Arabs and a
Qtr H and have had NO chafing problems whatsoever.  I will agree
that it takes a little (very little) effort to put them on and
take them off but they have NEVER come off my horses under any
conditions.  The same can not be said for the EZ Boots I have
tried.  Also I am not a fan of the metal shanks used to help
hold the EZ Boots on as they are designed to slightly penetrate
the hoof wall.

I have not used the new EZ Boots but in one of Ms. Banister's
emails a while ago I believe she indicated that one of the
new EZ Boots she tried also came off during a ride.  I have
NEVER had an Old Mac boot come off, come loose, shift or cause
chaffing in my 2 + years of using these boots.  They do however
wear out.  I get about 4 to 6 months use out of a pair.
Properly fitted and properly put on you will not have any
problems with the Old Macs.

I gave away my EZ boots after I found Old Macs.


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[RC] Ez boots or Old Macs??? - terry banister, Ridecamp Guest