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[RC] Horse Coughing - Wendy Harris - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Karen Lynd jklynd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Wendy,

I am reading the archives too, so I can't see your e-mail address.  I would not 
rule out your horse's symptoms being caused by the wolmonized lumber the horse 
is chewing on.  A quick Google search for wolmonized lumber revealed the 
following information:

Wolmanized wood is lumber pressure-treated with ARCH Wood Production, Inc.'s 
Wolman CCA chemicals preservative, a diluted solution of Chromated Copper 
Arsenate. CCA, or Chromated Copper Arsenate, is a chemical wood preservative 
and pesticide formulation that is regulated by the Environmental Protection 
Agency.  CCA consists of three prinicipal compounds ? arsenic in the form of 
arsenic pentoxide, chromium, in the form of both hexavalent chromium and 
trivalent chromium, and copper in the form of copper oxide(2). Two of these 
chemical components (arsenic and hexavalent chromium) have a notorious 
reputation as toxins, carcinogens and teratogens, as the following article 
details:    http://www.bancca.org/Health_Hazards/CCA_Health_Hazards.htm#Sect_2_0

The referenced article notes that the two most commonly-reported neurological 
effects of severe or chronic arsenic exposure are "pins and needles" feeling in 
the hands and feet, and partial paralysis of the limbs....  Other noted 
neurological side effects include hearing loss, memory loss, headaches, 
depression, anxiety attacks, and muscle and joint pain.  There are also 
respiratory symptoms:  Continuous arsenic exposure can cause irritation and 
damage to the mucous membranes in nasal passages and airways, including 
pharyngitis and rhinitis, and can also aggravate symptoms of asthma....

You may want to research wolmonized lumber further and give the information to 
your veterinarian.  I hope this helps.

Karen Lynd

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