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Re: [RC] horse with allergies - Suzi Maiorisi

Holly has allergies, but they only seem to crop up when she moves - When she came home to live with me from Oklahoma in late June she broke out in a rash, last spring she went to the trainers and when she came home to a pasture full of grass she broke out again (again in early June)...guess she's allergic to June??  This will be her first year of being home for spring, so we'll see how it goes.  In the past two years the rash pretty much clears up after a few washings with shampoo from the vet.  I also got a bad batch of hay this year that made her cough but now that that hay is delegated to the chickens and she has her 'good' hay from our regular hay man she's no longer coughing.
She got some kind of ear yuck this Fall, tho.  White scrunge in her ears, crusty and they would crack and ooze a little, too.  Had the vet out to check them out twice, got two different medicines for it, the first she hated, the second that actually worked (hmm, because she loved it and let me get it in there or ?) she would put her head down and wait for me to rub it in there, LOL.  Now she's got small lumps that then drain a little when she scrubs them on the trees on her face and a couple on her neck...makes me want to cut down all trees, but I know she'd find another place to rub still...
Good luck,
Suzi and Itchy Holly.
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Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2004 5:42 PM
Subject: [RC] horse with allergies

One of our horses has a problem with allergies. He has been tested by an
equine allergist and by  our regular vet.  The allergist used skin tests
and the regular vet used a blood test.  He is allergic to everything!
At least it seems that way.  We live in western Washington and once the
rains come the allergies get worse. 
Today we took him out on the trail for a couple of hours.  (He has
hives.)  We used a Dixie Midnight pad under the booties on his usual  OF
saddle.  My husband was riding him and the horse, Rico, would stop and
my husband said it felt like Rico was trying to turn himself inside out.
Finally we stopped and took the pad off.  When riding him with just the
booties he was much better.  No stopping, etc.  Has anyone else
experienced this or have an allergic horse.  Rico was born on our place
and we have his mom who has no allergies.  The stud's owner tells me he
has no allergies and she knows of no other of his get with this problem.
We tried various herbal remedies before taking him to the equine
allergist and not much improvement there.  The allergy tests were taken
about a year ago and he is on allergy shots plus antihistamines.  The
allergies were trigered by a load of hay we got that was 10% alfalfa.
He is now fed straight grass hay and beet pulp.  This colt is out of our
extremely smooth and fast paso fino mare and a nice paso fino largo
stallion.   Rico does pretty well during our dry season.     
Two questions.  Has anyone experienced this problem with the Dixie
Midnight pads?  Also any suggestions would be welcome from anyone with a
horse with allergic problems.  This horse was to be my husband's
distance horse but now  . . . .who knows.  Rico will be 5 in April.  So
far he's only been ridden on our local trails but we'd sure like to be
able to get him out in the mountains this summer.


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[RC] horse with allergies, Mary Sutliff