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[RC] LD's and 50's garbage - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Jason ldselitegroup@xxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am going to be bad here, but I just can't help myself!

The issue of the "Holy 50 Mile Endurance Rider" and that they are above all 
other riders and mean to EXCLUDE the LD's as "endurance riders.... is making me 

How can a group of "caring" horse people - step on the back of LD's to make 
themselves look "better"?

Like I said I am going to be bad here because common sense seems to escape this 
"elite" group of endurance riders. Maybe we should call all 50's - wanna-be 
endurance riders, and LD's - baby riders as ONLY (in the USA anyway)  would the 
people that FINISH Tevis would qualify to be an "Endurance Rider". So the 50's 
are still "trying and learning" and since they are they don't count either. Oh, 
and you folks that said "respect" for the horse, it wont count for the 50's 
either - just like the LD's 'respect" for the horse doesn't count. Oh brother!

Questions: Is drag racing - racing? They only go 1/4 mile? Car and drive don't 
Is NASCAR racing only racing if they go 500+ miles, anything less is not a 
race? Again, car and driver don't count? Is the 24 hrs at LeMans only a "real" 
race - they seem to go the distance? Oh wait!! Maybe it has to be the Baja 
1000/500 since it is endurance vehicles - but then the 500 wouldn't count. Or 
some of the overseas races don?t count either? I sure would like you to tell 
that to all the people in any of those events.

No horse has ever been injured or die on a LD ride, no rider has ever been hurt 
on an LD ride? That only happens on 50's right? No LD worries about the horse, 
technical skills, conditioning and 100s of other items only the 50's? God 
forbid that when you do training rides 3 times a week going 15-20 miles a day 
doesn't count. The shame is of course that you and your horse can do 50 but 
just don't want to, so again you aren't an endurance rider.

The only time anything that has a label and doesn't count - is someone who 
"thinks" they are better - want to trash it.

If you haven't got my point yet, stay in your elite pitiful ego group and I 
will send in my cancellation of the 50's and LD's completed and ask them not to 
count anything until I finish Tevis. THEN, I can call myself an Endurance 

Finally I have to add that if nothing gets through to you snobs, how about 
this. You talk about shoeing cost and all kinds of cost. Well, in the PS 
region, the average entry fee difference between 50's and LD's ...is $10.00. 
The LD's don't count, only get 1/2 the ride available for $10.00 less, don't 
get a BC award, again as they don't count. Maybe if the ride managers ever stop 
listening to the whine of the self-important 50's they would make MORE MONEY 
and do LESS work - of course if they are 50ers they are too busy counting the 
money the DUMB LD's pay to get 1/2 a race!. I bet there are LD's EVERYWHERE 
that would pay $10.00 MORE, get better food, better service, to get a BC and a 
more enjoyable time without being put down by a bunch of snobs. Ride managers, 
you really WANT to have more expenses, vet expense, more trail marking, more 
help and volunteers, more risk and liability and on and on. I can't remember 
the last ride we were at that there were more 50's than LDs. Maybe the LDs need 
to just pay 1/2 of the ride fees or since the 50's should pay twice as much as 
the LDs. They get twice a much and they count and have bragging rights (cough), 
they should enjoy paying twice as much!

OK.. I will stop being bad. Happy Holidays and Good Will to All (as long as 
they are a 50ers).. ... grrrrrr.....sorry..... I couldn't help myself!!

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