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[RC] FREE endurance/CTR prospect in Maryland, Really! - khansen@xxxxxxxxxxx

Well, almost free, read below for the details:

FREE endurance/CTR prospect in Maryland, Really!
The Story:  I need to rehome my beloved 10 year old grey Arabian.  I love
this guy, he?s an amazing creature.  Unfortunately, between the job, my
disabled child, and boarding him 40 minutes away, I don?t have the time to
finish off his training and to make him solid riding horse.   He has too
much potential just to sit around being pretty.

A bit under 15hands, big bodied, straight legs, big feet, sound.  Sweet as
pie, extremely obedient and people-conscious.  Big mover, smooth trot,
super on trail.  Loads easily, good for the farrier, chiropractor and the

He?s also a real looker, lovely neck, beautiful face, large kind eyes.

Zidan was a rescue, and has seen some pretty bad times.  He has been with
me for almost 5 years.  When I got him he was a quivering mess of a horse,
a kind quivering mess, but a real sad sack.  He is now a happy, confident
guy who is always interested in what his people are doing.

The Good:  Read the above, and?this guy has so much potential!   He moves
wonderfully, is extremely responsive under saddle, one light touch, and
zowie?he moves right on over.  Uses his body well, bends, flexes, a real
athlete.    Easy to catch, comes a-running when he is called.

He loves to do the Parelli 7 games (even works off lead!), has been clicker
trained, and knows all about Linda Tellington-Jones? techniques.  Zidan is
a serious student and a good worker.  Extremely polite on the ground.

Amazingly easy keeper, he won?t ruin your fences or kick in the barn. 
Doesn?t mind being left alone in the pasture.  

The Bad:  Zidan was abused, and badly.  From what the trainer can tell by
his behavior, someone must have really hurt him while mounting or
dismounting.  Because of this, he is very nervous about someone getting on
and off him.  

Zi is not for an impatient, inexperienced or child rider (although he likes
kids, and really puts up with my little one, and seems to seek her out).  I
could see him with a nice teenaged girl.  He needs someone who embraces
natural horsemanship techniques.  He needs someone who can work with him at
least three times a week to get him over this last ?fear hurdle?.  Joe
Crandall, his trainer, seems to think all Zi needs is a good deal of time
and a confident rider, and he will be just fine.

The Deal:  Zidan must stay in Maryland or Northern Virginia and I must be
able to check up on him.  If you ever want to sell him, he must be offered
back to me first.  Oh, and I?ll ask for references.  Here is the big
caveat: Zidan must be taken to Joe and Donna Crandall in Anne Arundle
County, MD for a month to finish up his training, at a cost of $800.   
Joe and Donna are absolutely incredible natural horsemanship trainers, true
miracle workers.  They have a great reputation within the endurance and
Arabian communities.  Zidan went there for a month last year, and Joe
worked extensively with the both of us to help us become better partners. I
could yammer on about Joe and Donna for hours, so if you would like to
listen to a Joe and Donna rave, or learn more about Zidan, please email me

Washington DC

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