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Re: [RC] Mares Tying Up - Cathy

-------original message--------- 
>The second part of the second question is, will you really gain anything
>by this?  I've seen some spayed jump mares who simply stay in a sort of
>quasi-heat ALL the time, since there is no hormonal activity to suppress
>heat.  We LOVE these mares at jump facilities, because we don't have to
>put them on any hormones--they just tease the stallions and let them
>mount.  Granted, more mares will be "out" of heat from being spayed than
>will do this, but enough of them do this that I don't necessarily
>recommend it as merely a way to keep them from showing heat as riding
>horses.  Additionally, is this really Ruffy's problem?  I know you've been
>through the whole selenium testing route, etc., and have ruled that out.
The only mare I ever saw that was spayed fell into this category.   Oh, it was awful.  If you even approached her hind end she'd start  squatting and peeing all over every thing.  The farrier hated her, he couldn't trim her with out being peed all over.  If she was taken out on the trail and a strange horse would approach, you guessed it.  Wow, after watching that mare, in my opinion you'd have to be really desperate to do that to your best friend!

Re: [RC] Mares Tying Up, heidi