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Re: [RC] blown away by farrier costs - heidi

Wow!  I'm going to go kiss my horseshoer!  I use two farriers.  My
favorite one charges $40 for shoeing (all new shoes).  He charges $20
for a trim (just went up from $15).  I've never lost a shoe and my mare
has done over a thousand miles with his work.  My backup farrier charges
$60 for shoeing and $25 for trims.  They are both excellent.  Knew there
had to be some financial benefit to living out in the rural West.  Cindy

You and me both, Cindy!  <g>  My biggest concern about moving back into
the boonies (grew up here, so knew what I was getting into) was whether or
not I would FIND a decent farrier.  But I finally did--and he is a gem! 
He charges $50 to shoe (new or reset) and $15 to trim.

As for Chris's second question about resets--in my experience, when I'm
actively conditioning and/or competing, a set never has enough wear in it
to be worth resetting.  And I figure that if I'm not wearing out the
shoes, I question whether or not I need the horse shod in the first place,
unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Sometimes in the spring, if
we don't have rides coming right up, I can get one reset out of the first
shoeing, just because our conditions are variable that time of
year--sometimes we need shoes, but sometimes the going isn't all that bad,
and we aren't putting on very much mileage yet, so there isn't always that
much wear.  Sometimes in active competition, I've found that the shoes
won't last for 6 weeks--in which case, one thanks one's lucky stars for
horses with good hoof growth!  :-)



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[RC] blown away by farrier costs, Cindy Collins