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[RC] Toe Length - Candace Kahn

Hi Karen,
    I don't quite understand why you have a problem with what I posted.  Why do you say the 1/2" of new growth at the coronet band is indicative of hoof wall separation?  This statement does not make sense to me. And of course there should be no deviation of the angle of growth when viewing the dorsal hoof wall BUT there very often is, especially in shod horses. 
     Looking at the top 1/2 ", as stated in my post, is not the only criteria to use - however, for most people who don't know anything about the hoof, this is a way to do a quick check. Certainly if you see a deviation of the angle at the bottom of the hoof wall you know you have a problem.
Referenced Post:
In my opinion, this is a dangerous method to use to determine breakover
or toe length.  The 1/2" of new growth is indicative of  hoof wall
separation and trimming/shoeing methods that depend upon this method to
determine if the toe needs trimming are playing with fire in regard to
hoof health.  In a healthy hoof there should be no deviation of the
angle of growth when viewing the dorsal hoof wall.   The deviation is
actually the separation of the hoof wall from the coffin bone on the
lower portion of the coffin bone which is caused by the  hoof wall being
chronically too long.


Referenced Post:
 Viewing the hoof from the side, look at the top 1/2 inch of the hoof
wall close to the coronet band. This top 1/2 inch is new growth and
indicates the angle at which that hoof wants to grow. If you take an
imaginary line down this angle to the ground you will know where the toe
should be.
With Warm Regards,
Candace Kahn
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