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[RC] Electrolyte cookies - Jonni

I actually did make some. Made up my own recipe. Just took some dry Oatmeal, some Purina Strategy (which I crushed into "dust"), and I think some bran, or maybe some grain, mixed with a LOT of molasses. (wanted to make sure they taste yummy to the horse) Then, I used "Perform and win" electrolyte powder. I wanted to make sure I knew the dose of electrolytes was the same for each cookie, so I mixed in 5 doses of electrolytes into my batter, then made one giant cookie on a cookie sheet, and baked (and baked, and baked) until they looked right. I then cut that big cookie into 10 individual cookie bars (each the same size), so each had 1/2 a dose per cookie of electrolytes. I got out my seal-a-meal, and did the "shrink wrap" job on each cookie, so I could carry in a saddle bag. It worked, and the horse ate them. I can not give you any kind of exact recipe, cooking info or such. It was trial and error. My main objective was to know exactly the dose per cookie, and this method seemed to work, by cutting up the one giant cookie into "doses" after measuring in a pre-determined number of doses of powdered electrolytes. I am not big on electrolyting anyway, unless I truly see the need for that horse, and that day. (I don't do it blindly as many do at given "stops" or time periods)  These were easy to carry, but I wondered if the cooking/baking could break down the ingredients of the electrolytes, and change them in anyway.
It was a whim on my part to try, and still have some left, and don't plan on making any again anytime soon.