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[RC] From the horse mouth and other places... - Alan Kay

Okay, I said enough of this political stuff. Besides I was pretty depressed after the election returns. So I went out to the barn, sat on the haystack and spoke with Glo, our mare and Tari, our older gelding. (After all, where does the term "horse sense" come from??) I said, "Are you guys aware of how split our country is? What are those people thinking??" To which, Glo winnied and layed back her ears. Is she saying winning is not necessarily a good thing? That politics have little to do with right and wrong? So I asked, "But what about the future of our country? What about the young men and women that are thrust into a strange country where they are not welcome? How about the fact that we have alienated so much of the world? People see us as arrogant and pushy. Have we lost our way?" At that point Tari grabbed some hay and tossed it over the rail into my lap. Hay... way... Hey, is he saying that we need to concentrate on what is in front of us? That we need to deal with real needs, rather than imaginary ones? (After all, isn't one of the biggest lessons we learn from our horses is that we need to be in the present?). So I asked, "Did this election bring out the worst in us? Did it produce campaigns of fear versus hope? What power do we really have to make change in the world?" Gloria then grunted, spread her legs and let loose with a stream of urine. "I get it - you're saying that we are all just peons on this earth. We have less power than we think. We are no better or worse than our neighbor and we have to listen to and respect one another, whether republican, democrat, white, brown, american, arab, lesbian or equestrian!!" (Boy, I really didn't think mares were that smart!). Of course, Tari had to have the last word, as he farted and proceeded to fill his stall with piles of manure. (He is very inconsiderate about pooping in his stall rather than his paddock. Either that or he knows one of the privileges of getting old is you can crap where and when you want! ) I think what he was really saying to me was, "Make sure if you mess up your own home, you have a plan to get it cleaned up and you don't mind standing out in the rain for a while!!" Or maybe he was just saying that all this political rhetoric is a bunch of horsesh*t!!!


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