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[RC] Fw: questions on equipedic pad - Karen Sullivan

Below are the instructions sent to me regarding cleaning the pad.  Also had another post from the service department regarding using something like a Dixie Midnight or similiar type, under the equipedic to keep it clean; that is not advised as
then the phase change material-wool felt material will not be against the horse.
from Equipedic service dept:
With regard to washing pad and the state of the foam inserts after a ride you are correct that the foam will tear if the are removed when wet. We tell folks to let the pad dry overnight before removing the inserts. If you bend the inserts into a u-shape prior to removal they come out and go in easily. Most horses in a natural state are not clean and in fact you have probably seen your horse try to roll after you bathe them. They use the dirt to protect their skin and to protect them from insect bites. when we wash the horse we are removing natural oils from their hair that helps to protect their skin. The will roll at this point because they are really itchy. The soap and water we use dries their skin out. The best way (MPO) to clean a horse is to curry comb the horse so that the majority of the dirt is removed from the "saddle area". If done on a regular basis, the skin and hair will retain their natural oils and yet the hair will be relatively clean of dirt. Removing the sweat build up from a pad is more important. The salt build up is what can really cause galling. In a felt pad this is usually indicated by coarseness typically found closest to the loins. The best way to get rid of this is to curry comb the pad. Typically western pads have always been 1" felt and the procedure for maintenance on these pads has been to curry comb them on a periodic basis to soften the nap of the felt and remove surface trapped salts. Power washing pads developed because the pads were too large and too thick to fit in a washing machine. That is not the case with our pad. Every fabric we use has been chosen because it can be washed. However, the effects of the smart textiles will diminish after about 100 washings and the felt, since it is needled will begin to deteriorate. Like life there is a compromise in everything. you can wash your pad cover daily but it certainly won't last as long. Most users, myself included, have found that washing once a month is more than sufficient.