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Re: [RC] affording endurance riding - Jody Rogers-Buttram

Or you can try my method:
We don't buy groceries....except for the rides.
We drive old cars/trucks.....that are paid for.
We buy our clothes at Walmart.
We don't go to movies.
We don't go on vacations.....that is what the rides are for (mini-vacations)
All this and more so that the horses can have:
The very best feed.
The nice horse trailer.
The nice saddles.
The nice hay.
All the other endurance "toys"....heart monitors/GPS etc.
Like Laura....I shoe my own horses....so IMO....they get the best shoeing  ;)
It is all in the priorities of life.   Just gotta make those decisions.
Jody and the girls, Rose, Aries, Love, Gypsy and soon....Storme.

Laura Hayes <mark@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>>Can someone please tell me how they manage to afford all of this? And what makes them want to go to, say, 10 rides a year?
Thank you for your insights!
PS I totally see myself doing endurance the rest of my life, and hope I can afford it! Tips/advice please???<<<<<
Kate, I have been doing this sport since my early 20's- so almost your age.  I was fortunate to keep my horses at my family's farm, so it cut costs.  I learned to shoe my own horses, I traded labor for hay.  When I was 23 my endurance horse was kicked at a ride and broke his leg and I waitressed all winter, sending $25 a week to the vet who pinned his femur, until the $900. vet bill was paid.
To this day, I don't have a fancy LQ trailer- I get along fine with an ice chest and a sleeping bag.  I ride a cheap saddle that happens to fit (yippee!) and I groom dogs on non ride weekends to have extra money to ride with.
When you want something bad enough, you can do it.  Instead of 10 rides a year, pick 4 or 5 that are really where you want to ride.  You can do it.  I did.
Laura Hayes AERC#2741

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[RC] affording endurance riding, Laura Hayes