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Fw: [RC] OT-VOTE! --Give me a break! - Karla Watson

I wasn't telling my political views, just what most newspapers were saying for weeks. Up until election day the country was split 50/50. How do you know I didn't vote for Bush? How do you know I wouldn't have posted that same post if you had trashed Bush? Why do you guys ASSUME things?? Why do people on ridecamp take one little sentence and TWIST and TURN it so that it becomes a flaming issue?? Time and time again I've seen more people flamed over one single sentence or word....makes me sick to my stomach. Gives this sport a bad message to those newbies on the list who are just reading this forum for the first time.
Why can't you guys just keep all the political crap OFF ridecamp?! I am NOT the monitor or warden! I don't think Steph wants this stuff on ridecamp and she IS the monitor of this list. Lets talk about riding....for a change!
---------Karla Watson/Oregon
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Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 3:12 PM
Subject: RE: [RC] OT-VOTE! this is long and probably not worth reading

Karla has appointed herself the Ridecamp Monitor or Warden?Please don?t be my monitor?I enjoy reading what others have to say?especially if their view differ.