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A newbie POV--Re: [RC] Weight - The Colliers

 FWIW, I've gone back and forth on opinion on this topic.  I have no practical experience in the competition realm where weight is concerned.  My initial thinking was that the weight should be considered whatever the horse has to carry.  However, many have pointed out that you don't have to stay aboard the entire ride, which then makes the amount of weight the horse has carried moot.
So, in my opinion, the entire idea of weight divisions makes no sense--that is unless there was a constant that this weight variable was being used to offset.  Since weight classes are used to isolate a variable, this only really works when there is a constant that can be controlled.  Same reason flat track jockeys ride with the same amount of weight on the horse--and all of the horses are durn near identical in conformation and size.   What I mean by that is that having BC based on weight would only truly be a judge of the horse's condition if each rider was riding on the same animal.  The same 750lb, 13.2 hand, mustang would have to be ridden considerably different over the same distance if it was ridden by two different riders--one weighing 200lbs, and the other weighing 110--to grab BC at the end.
So, if what we are trying to 'judge' with BC is the ability of the rider to take their horse over the course the most efficiently and carefully, and expediently, what difference should the weight make?  The competent rider will match their weight with the carrying capability of their horse.  HW riders who overweigh a small horse will undoubtedly not win BC--or the race for that matter.  Now, little riders will obviously have the advantage when it comes to winning the race AND getting BC simply because they can ride a wider range of sized horses without much thought about carrying capacity.  HW size riders would have to do a bit more searching to find a size of horse, within the 'winning' breeds to compete to win and BC.  However, the ones who do will prove their point when they recieve the BC award.....they were able to overcome obstacles and still out horsemanship the lighter riders.  Heck, if I were HW, I would be tickled to win BC without weight catagories!
As I said, FWIW.....I would ditch the weight catagories, and leave the horsemanship up to the riders.  The best horseman wins BC because they matched themselves and the horse to the race at hand.
Corrine Collier
-------Original Message-------
Date: 11/02/04 00:50:33
Subject: Re: [RC] Weight
I completely agree with Julie Suhr on this topic.  The winner is
whoever crosses the finish line first and fit to continue-- Having so
many winners due to numerous weight categories takes away from the
honor of winning.

Re: [RC] Weight, Katie Azevedo