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[RC] weight divisions - Dana B.

Edie wrote:

"All this year I have observed a DAL.......  he rides in a light saddle with 6 water bottles and a couple of tack bags...  When asked on numerous occasions how he could possibly be riding heavyweight.... At three different rides this year I have asked for a weight division challenge on Mike's riding weigh.....When a couple of us went to talk to .... I hope that you all will join me in self policing......"
Whew!  Sorry Edie, I have neither the time nor interest in devoting so much energy to "policing" other riders, nor do I particularly want other riders policing me.  Maybe it's because I'm new, or because I don't have my business tied to endurance riding, or maybe it's because I believe in the "what goes around comes around" philosophy.  But in any case as long as someone is not abusing their horse let them ride their ride and I'll ride mine.
I do owe you a word of thanks, though.  I was struggling with which weight division to enter this time.  I initially signed up as a LW, but with tack (yes, I too ...shudder...ride with "a couple of tack bags")  I've never really been there and I was going to sign up as a MW this time.  Nope, I think I'll ride "heavy" forever, as the last thing I want is someone "policing" my rare and precious ride time and counting my water bottles (actually, I use a Camelback too, and that undoubtably could weigh 50 pounds when full :-p)
Just wanna ride.....
Dana Baldwin, # 30836


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