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Re: [RC] Which Blanket on Trailered Horse? - heidi

Will be trailering my horse a few hours south of me
and was wondering how to decide whether to use a light
or heavier weight blanket on her.
We are in the midwest and she already has a nice
winter coat on as she is pasture kept.  The trailer is
a 2h bp and not fully enclosed as it was about 4 slats
on both sides that are open at the top and the upper
back is also open.
I know it's one thing to just stand around in a
pasture but another to be going down the road with the
windchill factor thrown in, in addition to realizing
as the day warms up that she could also get too warm
under xxx blanket.  We will be trailering in early
morning (or whenever we get moving) and arriving at
destination about early midday.
So at what temps do you decide upon a light cotton
sheet and a water-resistant woollined blanket?  These
are the only two blankets we've got to choose from.
Should I use both perhaps?  Or let her go without
which I think is not a good option?

I've done quite a bit of winter trailering over the years, and IMO the
best choice most times is to go without, unless there are extenuating
circumstances.  A well-haired horse is well-equipped to deal with the
situation at hand--although there is a "wind chill" coming through the
slats, part of the trailer is also enclosed, and there is a trade-off
between the body heat buildup in a small space and what wind does get
through the slats.  Á sheet will mash down the hair and rob the horse of
its insulating factor altogether.  A heavy blanket will likely be too
warm, causing the horse to sweat and be wet on arrival.

If a horse starts the trip compromised in any way--sick, wet, etc.--that
is another story, and one simply has to make the best choice given the

I'd suggest carrying the blankets with you, and checking about an hour
into the ride to see if she is shivering or not.  If she is, put one on. 
My bet is that she won't be.



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[RC] Which Blanket on Trailered Horse?, Val Nicoson