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I'm new to the sport but I don't see why they allow you to weigh waterbottles and food and such.   Those items should not be with you at the end of the ride.  They will be consumed.  There is no need to put the weight of those items in your total weight.
I do agree with rider, clothing, tack and anything that will be on the horse at the finish line.  The other stuff is just what the rider chooses to add to his horse.
DaNel Resha

Ridecamp Guest <guest-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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OK--- I really really liked the idea of weighing nekid!!! That is, until I got a visual of all us old ladies without sports bras....YIKES!!!!!!!!

So that may not be the best solution.

Seriously tho, I would like the BOD to take another look at weight divisions, and I really think we should stop the practice of weighing all the garbage that we choose to carry with us. Stick with rider weight in ride clothing and saddle and tack. Cantle bags, water bottles, etc. are NOT tack. Everybody probably fills their water bottles when weighing for BC, but we should stop that too... everybody just going with rider, ride clothing and saddle and tack.

Drop the 4 % too. Either you nicely meet your weight division or you do not. If people don't have the good sense to eat and drink right, they are going to lose---- maybe dropping the 4% variation will make them take better care of themselves. Might even save some fool from drinking three (or more) big glasses of water and dropping over from Hydro-encephalitis .

Since I opened this can of worms, i have had another heavyweight say (jokingly I `think`) that it would be fair then to fill the back pack water carrier (which holds LOTS of pounds -- more than a properly worn 10 Gallon hat).

There have been other credible suggestions, and I think it is an issue to be revisited by the BOD. In the Central Region we have a bunch of good competitors in the 220- 230 pound weight level without the other extraneous stuff, and then we have the real big guys. None of them need a Middle weight riding in their division.

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