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Re: [RC] leg protection - Susan Young

Unless her horse gets a lot of pretty serious nicks during rides, I'd opt out of the leg protection.  That's just something muck can get under and THEN you get some serious problems.  I've had to pull before when I insisted on "protecting" my horse's legs.  The sand/dirt/tiny rocks got under the boot and made him sore enough to be a tad off...in ONE 18-mile loop.
Boots offer little protection against injury.  As Angie pointed out, the damage has usually been done in the past and this was just the straw that did him in.  If the horse steps on the ground funny, a boot won't do much to stop the injury.
In my experience, boots in ENDURANCE (as opposed to other sports) are more of a hinderance than a help IF the horse doesn't interfer.

sherman <sherman@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I want to get some  leg protection for my daughters horse, as she always seems to end up with little nicks (not from interference, but from rocks, stumps, ect). I'd like some opinions on whether splint boots would do the job, or since I'm buying anyway should I go for the sport boot, to support suspensory ligament (haven't had a problem there yet)?

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[RC] leg protection, sherman