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Re: [RC] [RC] Arabians and/or Andalusians - Wayne Delbeke

We are breeding a Canadien Stallion onto Arabian mares. The Stallion is 15 hands to 15 - 1 and out of a line of Canadiens that run around 15 hands. The mares are generally 14.2 to 15 hands. The offspring are generally taller than the stallion and their dams. Apparently "hybrid vigour" comes into play with many crossbreds and they are often taller than their parents as you are finding with yours and we have found with ours.

The result we are getting is similar to the Andalusian Arabian cross - many Arabian characteristics but a bit more bone and muscle mass, and much much calmer. As Canadiens have a similar heritage as decendents of horses brought to Canada by the French from Norman and Breton horses in the 1600's and they probably have some common genetics. The Norman and Breton horses themselves were thought to be crossbreeds with Andalusian, Barb, and Arabian. Presently genetically similar to the French Trotteur. The Morgan horse apparently carries Canadien genes as in the early days there was a lot of trade in trotting horses between Vermont and Quebec. The Canadien can be a gated horse and several gated horses also may carry their genes.

We are pretty happy with our crosses so far, but have only been doing it for 6 years so competitive results are not in yet.

For more info on crosses and the Canadien horse see: http://www.canabian.hypermart.net/canadian.htm , http://www.canabian.hypermart.net/Canabian_home.html#Canabian_Home

Wayne Delbeke


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Re: [RC] [RC] Arabians and/or Andalusians, Ridecamp Guest
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