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Re: [RC] RC] Winter Hair - gary affleck

NOW, how would you feel if you had to sleep under bright lights all winter?  I've been dealing with this with my G/F about her show horsie.  My Siberian husky gets his winter coat before winter and you can tell how cold the winter will be by how thick his coat is.  It's different every year and I and he predicts the weather.  light might have some bearing on it but I think the temps play into it more.  Also my G/F has blankets on her horse all winter, I can't see the lights going through those to stunt the hair growth.  I sure would like to see a scientific study done on the subject.  what happens if your horse doesn't get a winter coat because of you fooling them, the the winter hits bad and your barn blows down?  Your horse is going to freeze to death out in Mother Natures World that you have fooled.   animals are fragile.  Take just this last Summer, in Ohio it got so hot that corn started popping off the ears as they were still on the cob and stalks.  The damn cows thought it was snowing and froze to death.  don't mess with Mother Nature.      G.Affleck
----- Original Message -----
From: Nat Nelson
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 6:50 PM
Subject: [RC] RC] Winter Hair

I put my horses under lights this time of year (at
least the ones I want to keep slick hair coats). The
length of daylight is nature's way of signalling hair
growth. By providing artifical lights you trick mother
nature that it isn't time yet to grow hair.

You need to light up your stall bright enough to read
a newspaper in the farthest corner. I have temporary
(if you call 3 years temporary) lighting set up by
using construction halagon lights on a tripod. I turn
the lights on at dusk and off at 9/10 pm depeding the
length of daylight. I blanket when it gets below 55
degrees. If you horse has all ready developed a hair
coat you can leave the blanket one to induce shedding.

I've used this system on both 3 sided stalls and pipe
pens successfuly for years.

Good luck.
Buckeye, AZ

RC] Winter Hair - Jim & Drin Becker

I am fighting  to keep the winter hair off of my mare
for an upcoming desert
ride , this will be my mares first 100 miler and our
weather here is in the
low 30's in the mornings with highs into the 60's
during the days . I have a
heavy winter blanket on her with a hood 24/7 except
for when I ride . I am
debating on shaving parts of her as last year when I
went to a ride in the
same area and about the same time the weather was in
the high 80's and 90's
. Problem is that I could come home to snow and
weather in the teens so I
don't want to get into having to keep her blanketed
most of the winter .
Does anybody else live in cold regions and go through
this same scenario ?
If so what do you do  beside pray for a cold front to
come in the day of the
ride :-) ? I have never shaved a horse before . I will
be riding for
completion only but this is a fast course
                                   Drin Becker
                                   Mtn Region

Natalie "Nat" Nelson
Cross 5 Ranch
Buckeye, Arizona

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[RC] RC] Winter Hair, Nat Nelson