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Re: [RC] removing manure from paddocks serious business! - Barbara McCrary

As a lifetime country person, I agree with your post, Karen.  As for running in mt. lion territory, remember some years ago a female runner was attacked and partially eaten by a lion somewhere in the vicinity of the Tevis trail.  Lud has it figured that a person running is breathing hard and is perceived by a lion to be a stressed and frightened animal, therefore a good subject for attack.  I concur that running alone is not safe, and taking a dog or two along is a good practice for detection.  Our dogs, an Aussie and a Border Collie, would detect a lion in a flash.  They detect ANYTHING............wild pigs, deer, squirrels, you name it.  I feel really good about riding or walking with them.  My horse, who originally was scared about them being out on the trail and in the brush, now uses them as indicators.  If the dogs are relaxed and content, so is the horse.
As for people moving out to the country, then importing the very city they wanted to escape, GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  That really frosts me!!  I know of a livestock auction yard that was put out of business when homes began populating the oak-studded hills around it.
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Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 7:53 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] removing manure from paddocks serious business!

Hi Sandy,
I also feel this way about people who move into rural areas then complain about the deer, wildlife or Mtn. Lions.  My opinion is that if someone is so worried about Mt.Lions or aren't willing to take precautions, protect their small kids and pets, adequately fence and pen their livestock, then they should not move there in the first place.  I am not speaking here about RANCHERS, who have different issues, but the folks that are ever spreading into the more rugged and remote foothill areas and build a little mini estate, then complain about the animals that were there in the first place.
We have coyotes run through our property; they have never bothered the chickens as we have a good pen.  I lose some of my veg garden every year to deer, rabbits and birds. I have more than our family needs so no big deal. If we had small livestock (sheep or goats) and I was that worried about coyotes, bobcats or lions, I would shut them in a barn at night....
As for all this panic over Mtn. Lions....I am not blindly stupid and would probably not ever go running alone again; and if riding alone would take my dog.  A dog is a great deterent, both for detection and distraction of a lion  It's actually one great use for a dog in rural areas...as opposed to all those people who seems to have dogs chained or penned and never get out.....I feel totally safe out in lion territory as I generally ride in groups or run with friends (well, used to.)
A small farm outside of Willits Calif has a substantial sheep herd.  If you look closely when you drive by, you can see the two white guard dogs that live out there with the sheep and look extremely happy...they blend right in. 
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 As far as I am concerned, people who move into horsey communities either fit in or get out. We don't go move into a tennis commmunity and start building barns and bringing in pet goats. sigh!Education doesn't work - treating people who BEHAVE like 4 year olds AS 4 year olds - now that might work:)!

Re: [RC] removing manure from paddocks serious business!, SandyDSA
Re: [RC] removing manure from paddocks serious business!, Karen Sullivan