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[RC] [RC] molasses content of feeds - Karen

At 02:22 PM 9/29/2004, you wrote:
I generally don't feed ANY "grain."  But, I occationally wander
down the track of re-evaluating my feeding program and checking
out the various feeds out there.

Same here! I definitely prefer the complete feeds, and if I do feed a 'grain', it is plain old oats added into beet pulp. I call that the Don Funk Method. I figure if Geronimo can make 10,000 miles eating hay and plain old oats, then it can't be too awful bad for my own horses. Of course, I have arabs, so they have to be coddled and spoiled a little bit more than a spanish mustang <g>.

What about the other Manna Pro products like that SuperHorse
 Elite 10 on your chart?  Have you fed that?  I've never looked
into the Manna Pro products.

Mostly all I feed now is Manna Pro. Wal Mart carries Manna Pro at about 30 to 50% less $ than what I had been feeding. They have the Complete 10 (or 12), oats, and senior. The funny thing is that my horses (for once) actually prefer the less expensive feed and since it is a name brand I am comfortable with the quality of it. They were also really helpful when I requested additional information on the products that were not on the labels. Not all of the feed manufacturers are that forthcoming. Also, the feed has a higher turnover rate at WM, so it is always fresh versus some of the feeds I have bought from feed stores especially something like Empower that is pricey -- is often several months old because it is too much of a specialty item. Freshness has a lot to do with palatability, and probably why my horses like the Manna Pro stuff a lot more.

in NV


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