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Re: [RC] [RC] GPS - Garmin Forerunner 201 VS Timex Bodylink - April

I have the Forerunner and love it. I have several other GPS units,
too. I have not tried the Timex combination.

One of the main reasons I went with the Forerunner is that it will
record not only distance/speed, but it will save trackpoints (or
breadcrumbs) of each ride that I do. I move the points over to my
computer after every ride. This serves several purposes, but one is
that I can check the integrity of the points by viewing them on a
graph. If there are lots of spikes or errant points, I know that my
unit wasn't picking up satellites very well and the data integrity is
suspect. There is NO way to check this on the Timex model.

I can say lots more, but I won't right now. You can do a search in the
archives to pull up previous discussions.

One other thing, Nancy is right that the Timex isn't likely to be any
more accurate than the Forerunner. For one thing, they share
technology. Who do you think makes the GPS receiver for the Timex
BodyLink? Anybody? Garmin.

If you're gonna buy the Forerunner, do it from endurance.net

Same price for you and it helps out Steph. Looks like $117 including shipping.

Nashville, TN
(I know that GPS receivers have their limitations. I still get better
distance reports than my brain going..."hmm, I think we have come 5.86
miles in the last hour." For those with perfect GPS receivers built
into their brains, this isn't an issue and they don't need -or want-
an external GPS.)


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RE: [RC] GPS - Garmin Forerunner 201 VS Timex Bodylink, Nancy Sturm