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[RC] FL - here we go again - sandy . l . holder


You forgot to mention that we in CA are not only crazy, we're also the "home of rock and roll". . . speaking of which, did you feel that 6.0 magnitude one this a.m.?  I'm on the 16th floor in San Jose and let me tell you, my stomach did a somersault or two!!

From: "gary affleck" <skiwolf9@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC]   FL - Here We Go Again

I feel for you guys.  I'm in Ca. land of the crazy's but it's hard to =
beat our weather.  That is except southern Ca, when fires burn up all =
the trees in the summer then when it rains in the Winter, there's mud =
slides because of nothing on the ground to hold it back.  One of our =
friends on a photo board from Sweden was joking about their weather.  =
His deck was wet and one of 4 plastic cars was blown over.  I told him =
we'd be on the next plane out to help pick- up that 5 pound chair if he =
needed help. G.Affleck

Take care out there,
Sandy Holder • Director Business Development

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP • Ten Almaden Boulevard • Suite 1600 • San Jose, CA 95113

sandy.l.holder@xxxxxxxxxx • direct (408) 817-7917 • cell (408) 218-5028 • rightfax (813) 375-4286
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