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[Fwd: Re: [RC] Arabs/ Mustangs/Hidalgo] - Laney

As I happily ride my Spanish Mustang down the trail, I remember that AERC's motto is "to finish is to win." Dino has just achieved 2000 miles and will happily go for many more. So, Mustenogirl, mustangs can do endurance, and can even win and can most certainly finish looking like they could go right on for more. Just a bit more info about Spanish Mustangs: while they don't run wild any more, the Cherokee, and Choctaw strains come the the southeast as do the Florida Cracker horses, not to mention the Chincoteague and Assateague "ponies." Since the real Hidalgo was a pinto, he most probably was one of these strains. If you're curious, go to http://www.frankhopkins.com/#, click to see "what's new" then click on "endurance images of today." And FYI, I also own an arab. I love 'em both.

Lif Strand wrote:

At 09:01 PM 9/26/2004, Ridecamp Guest wrote:

the main thing about the movie WAS to prove that will was better than blood.

The movie doesn't prove that, of course. Plenty of horse deaths prove that it's not true. The most willing draft horse in the world isn't going to win an endurance race, because it doesn't have the "blood".

that horse follows me every where, in the round pen and out in the open, with out a lead rope and with out a halter. I don't ride her with a bit or a bridle, I use a rope halter, and one day I won't even use a rope halter.

Sounds just like my Arabians. They come when I call, I can lead them without a rope or halter. I ride my stallion with just a rope halter. I think lots of people ride their horses in rope halters, and lots of horses follow them around without lead ropes and halters. It's not that unusual, actually.

I love wild horses, they are my favorite breed,

Wild horses are not a breed.

And yes they do, Mustangs have to suffer through all types or weather and different terrian.

Well, I think there aren't a lot of mustangs running wild in low, humid country that doesn't get snow, just for openers.

you will never change my mind, that wild horses, Mustangs would make better endurance horses.

I guess you'll just have to prove it by going out there and riding. Hope to see you on the trial someday. I'll be one of the thousands riding an Arabian.

   Lif Strand      fasterhorses.com
           Quemado NM USA
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