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Re: [RC] [RC] buying prospects - Jena Williams

----Original Message Follows----

I also fully understand the being broke part--I still remember my
years of bumming around in a geriatric half-ton Ford pulling an old
beat-up Miley 2-horse bumper pull, with a little camper shell on the truck
and a foam pad inside for my sleeping bag, and a Coleman stove, and a
lantern, and a cooler.


Hehe you just described our set up to a "T". My "new" truck (don't even ask about the old one!) is 1985 Ford F350 Diesel with a shell (not a camper yet, that is on the wish list), Pulling a mid-80's 2 horse. But I am happy as a clam under a tarp for a canopy drinking my fresh percolated coffee off the coleman. (you might be a rednesk if...)

I thought about it, many other people easily spend 10X what we did on elements of this hobby.

Horses - $500 each vs $5000
Truck - $3000 vs $30,000
Trailer - $1100 vs $11,000

That is why buying a NEW saddle was such a huge deal for me, and probably why I have taken so long to get with Lynne on a RP trail. RP's run more than I paid for my truck. Sure would be easier if we could do the same! Lots less elbow grease, but then again would it still be "endurance"? ;-P



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