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[RC] why buy from the killers?---- endurance prospects - Ed Kilpatrick

first of all, when you say the "killers"  what are you referring to?  there are lots of reputable horse auctions here in the southeast that dont have anything to do with "killers".
     and what makes an endurance prospect?   that is a loaded question for sure.  what kind of endurance riding do you want to do?   what kind of horse would you like to do it with?  what is your level of riding skill and training skill?  these are all questions that you need to answer in order to decide on your endurance horse. there is something out there for everyone.
      i got a horse a few years ago from a guy who bought him at auction just because he liked the way the horse looked.  he couldnt ride him, had no intention to, besides he was scared of him.   i had to start all over with the training because the horse didnt really trust anybody.  oh, he was a handful!  but time, patience, and consistent work did the trick. the horse i am referring to is gorgeous george, my mustang, who completed the tevis cup ride this year.  
     was he an endurance prospect?  i never even thought about him as an endurance prospect when i first got him.   he was just a good looking horse that needed someone to work with him.   a fairly awesome physical specimen that would probably do well in a variety of disciplines.
     so, many horses can be endurance prospects, based on physical ability.  the mental toughness and "heart" in a horse are harder to see, but so very important.     ed