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[RC] natural balance shoes - Doubledal

--- Begin Message --- Thanks to everyone who has posted so far on this topic.  I visited the NB website, and it was very helpful in answering some of my questions on the theory behind the NB trim and shoes. 

I realized after looking at the website that I left out some pertinent info on the last post.  The dressage horses that I described earlier were all shod with the vet and the farrier (supposedly trained and well practiced in the NB method) using radiographs to determine the proper placement for the shoes.  From what I understand, they used a formula to determine the correct breakover point and placement for the shoes, and the most recent radiographs show that the feet are trimmed and shod in accordance with this.  They've been trimming/shoeing the horses according to this formula for a long time, but the NB shoes have only been on them for a couple of months, during which time we've seen a furthur decrease in soundness.  One horse was so sore that they thought at first he was foundering.  Later, they concluded he just had REALLY sore feet.

I'm not trying to discredit this method or anything.  The theory of it seems smart.  I think that if these were my horses, I'd probably have quit with NB shoes by now with the idea that they just weren't right for the horse.  But I'm just really curious as to the physiology behind what I'm seeing since it's happened with numerous horses, numerous farriers, and it seems that at least in the case of the dressage horses, the shoeing is being done properly according to what I've read on the NB site.

Thanks in advance for any further responses!

--- End Message ---