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RE: [RC] The Eye of the storm - goearth

One of the grandest weather adventures i ever had was going down Passage Creek in flood stage in an open face canoe, it literally took my breath away.  The all time storm adventure tho was surfing the South China Sea during a monsoon.  Any other time the waves are trickles but during and after monsoon it was really an adventure and i couldn't stay up very far but i sure got wet and beat up.  Barbara,  Man can not control nature, but he is doing one hell of a job messing it up.  Just one example is the species dumps 16 billion tons (3,200,000,000,000 lbs) of CO2 into the atmosphere yearly, and in 20 years thats expected to double at the current rate of population growth and expansion of economies like China burning fossil fuels.  That is some serious tampering with our life support Scotty.  Guess who is the biggest culprit of this dumping of toxic refuge in the world?  Its the good old USA.  tom sites