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Re: [RC] customer service (was US RIDER TOWING ROCKS) - Truman Prevatt

It really depends on the dealership. Ford also has a program where they do followups on service at Ford dealers. My local Ford dealer is very good and thier oil change on my diesel (that sucker takes 15 quarts) doesn't cost any more than the local lub shops and for routine stuff like that they get you in and out.

Today's engines and engine/transmission combinations are very complex with mulitple sensors feeding a center computer that controls them. Many times when a sensor is putting out a marginal signal, it is very difficult to find a problem.

There can be grounding issues caused by a lot of factors, grit, grime heat, wet, etc. These marginal signals will cause the computer do strange. A mechanic told me one time that on one truck he looked at, when the right turn signal was turned on it sometimes caused the engine in a diesel truck to shut off. It would start right up agian and run fine. It didn't do it all the time.

It turned out that there was a marginal ground on the right tune signal in the front. Once that was replaced it was fine - but it took a long time to fine it. I think when the owner noted that it only did it after or during a big rain, that gave them the clue they needed. The took a hose and sprayed the under side until they could repeat the problem. Being able to repeat it, they could find it and fix it.

I had a small problem not too long ago with my turck. Turns out a intake hose had come a little loose. The fixed that and also upgraded the firmware in the processor. Now what's really scarey is we have to depend on software upgrades to keep our trucks running. Good thing Microsoft doesn't write their software;-)!


Jonni Jewell wrote:
Maybe because Dodge dealers are as inept and sloppy as Ford dealers in
their shops<<<

Hummm, we always hear stories of how a dealership did not take good care of
a customer etc. etc.  I live in a town with the population of under 5500. We
have dealerships for all three of the major truck makers. When we bought our
truck (2001 F350 loaded) , we did NOT buy locally, but we take the truck to
the dealership for ALL oil changes etc. (they still treat us as if we bought
it there)  I have a good relationship with the service department. Well, our
F150 (AKA the little truck) was making a "noise". We took it in, and of
course, it would not make the noise, and they found nothing wrong. (one
always feels better when they get to the doctors office, and the horse is
often 'healed' when the vet arrives) They hooked it to the diagnostics, they
ran it for so long in the parking lot, it ran out of gas, and they had to
put $20 worth in it and they test drove it....nothing wrong.  Total bill
when I picked it up was $20 for the gas. I then drove about 3 miles, and it
died. Called the service dept., and they were out to me in about 20 min.
with a mechanic. They figured out what it was (now that it finally broke,
and was not just a noise that they never did hear), and called a tow truck,
offered me a ride home, and the truck will be done Monday.

"It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis

   "It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis.

    It is necessary to be exalted, and yet take modesty as a foundation."


[RC] customer service (was US RIDER TOWING ROCKS), Jonni Jewell