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Re: [RC] Sand ??'s - Ag47xAu49

In a message dated 8/12/2004 7:00:31 AM Mountain Daylight Time, finishis2win@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
For anyone keeping horses on sand:

What protocol do you use to clear the sand from their gut? How often do you
test the feces for the presence of sand? How much is too much sand? (IOW,
when should I panic?)

Deanna, now in sandy northwest Ohio

My boy's are one a sand hill, literally. I cup of Equate Orange flavored Psyllium from Wally World, per horse per day for a week, once a month. I have no idea if it actually is helping or if it give me a sense of peace. I check their manure by floating it once a month or so and have never found sand at the bottom of the quart jar. Whether that is because there is no sand in the manure and it is just sitting in their gut, I do not know. I do not know whether the texture/form  of psyllium makes a difference on how effective it is. My boys do not eat the sand clear well. I put the Equate/Metamucil in withe their soaked beet pulp and they think that they have died and gone to horsey heaven. They are very bummed when the week is up and I have no more to give them. Beccy in ut. (Off to go float manure, can't get much better than that!)