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[RC] Tie Rite Trailer Ties - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: barbara marcius run2fast@xxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey Guys!
Have to share a great new product with you. I'm sure that you, like myself, 
live in fear of our horses getting loose at a ride. Especially at night. I've 
been investigating the pro's and con's of the various ties available. Of course 
price is a very important thing too. I just purchased my SECOND Tie Rite. I 
found it on Ebay and I'll be honest- I figured for the 100$ LESS than the 
competitors it was worth checking out. What I've found is SUPERIOR quality. The 
workmanship and solidness in this product absolutely shames the others out 
there. The welds are superb.  It recesses really nicely for travel and looks 
like it was made for the trailer. But the best thing is it's SO user friendly. 
Has 3 different height adjustments for different sized horse -that you get to 
adjust WITHOUT having to climb up the side of your trailer. The arm that you 
tie to is at least twice as thick as the competitors. I'm not dissing anyones 
elses product but why in the world would we pay more for a lesser product? Oh 
yes, and check this out. They have a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY. The competitors have a 
ONE YEAR WARRANTY and good luck gettting them to back it up, I have a friend 
who's still fighting that battle because hers broke. I dealt with a guy named 
"LEE" who was so nice. I thought they were too good to be true. Here's his Ebay 
seller name, it's atvxpress, you can do a search under 'sellers'. Or here's one 
that he has up right now so you can look at it--item # 3693256645--check out 
"sellers other items" he has some "buy it nows".... I'm just pretty impressed 
with this quality and want to share with my fellow Endurance folks. If you want 
to ask ME any questions as a user and not a salesman--it's 
run2fast@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luck! Barbara

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