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Re: [RC] Buck Brannaman - Opinions? - Sundaez

In a message dated 8/9/2004 6:27:07 AM Pacific Standard Time, guest-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Has anyone ever audited or participated in one of his clinics?  I've heard nothing but good feedback about him so far.  And I love his videos and his methods.
I've taken clinics with both Buck and Ray Hunt.
One thing about these guys is they will expose your ego in a heart beat. They've seen it all...the know-it-alls, the show-offs, the I-dare-you-to-teach-me-somethings, and the yeah-buts... and can seem to find them in a crowd. I've seen Buck work with a total novice and a mule, and have compassion for the guy because he was there to learn...and didn't have an agenda. I've seen also seen him zero in on one of the above and bring them down a notch....exposing to the person REALLY why they attended the clinic. I was pretty much ignored but I felt that was a good thing!
Neither Buck nor Ray will tolerate riders that are not there purely for the horse. They won't attack, but have this way of making the rider expose himself and look a fool. When the rider is really ready to get to work, be there for the horse, and ASK for help and really mean it, both men will bend over backwards for them. Though it was years ago I went to the clinics I STILL am learning from them. Every once in a while my horse and I will be in a situation and I start thinking "what would buck or ray do here...."
The clinics can be challenging as you may be cantering in an arena with nothing but a neck rope on your horse...with 25 other horses.
Some people choose to just trot. But this environment will without a doubt expose any holes in your horse's training...and both Buck and Ray will give you the tools to begin to fix them.