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[RC] tevis stuff... - Erin Clutter

my opinion to all yalls is...if u didnt like the way UAE sponsored the ride, be quiet and dont go to Tevis! its really that simple. A lot of people are getting quite annoyed with everyones complaints.  If you have a complaint bring it up to Tevis board(even though the tevis board ALREADY knows what yall have been saying, and they have been thinking of what to do)  so if u dont liek the way it was held and what it might be like next year...well there are two options....
1. you can sulk about it and say everythign bad about it possible to man kind and just get more people into this argument that should not even be discussed!  It is an opinionated topic, which isn't a fair "argument".OOO i have an even better idea, for those who just hate the whole idea and just have to be so incredibly rude, get a punching bag and hit it a couple time, it might just work!
2. You can stop talking about it so freely(when i bet 3/4 of you don't even know the whole story to A LOT of stuff liek the flag on the shirt, the buckle, etc....yall are just guessing why and you DONT KNOW!) and just really re-think what you've said and maybe just talk to people personally if you really feel the need to discuss it.  And after that...maybe things will alreayd have changed that the Tevis board has done!
I mean what if you were one of the people from UAE and saw this...I would be drop dead CRYING right now if i was from UAE and saw this crap(hopefully no one takes that word badly) that everyone has written. I know i said some stuff in the beginning i wont lie(but i made it as vague and not RUDE and i made it where there could be a bad AND A GOOD side to it).  The UAE might of started out a bit strong of the sponsorship.  They are incredibly rich, and this is what they do with their money.  They have tried other sports like thoroughbred racing(or so i heard) and that didn't work out so they came to endurance.  I am not going to say anything else about them, but i think everyone needs to take a "chill pill" on this subject.  The board i heard is already trying to work it out. and to tell you the truth, i dont want to sound mean but yall sounded so racist its incredible.  When i started endurance at age 9-10, i thought it was the best sport ever! i mean people are awesome AT races and are when you aren't at rides/races.  but now that I am older and have quite a bit more knowledge, but I mean yall are a lot older then me and smarter and some know more(but i will admit i know more about thsi sport than quite a few of you).  I know im sounding very harsh, but hey i am writing NOTHING compared to how you have bashed the UAE.   I still don't like how some things where run at Tevis but i ain't posting it all over ridecamp anymore!  Its been almost a week now since it happened, people have heard your side of the story, and we DONT need to hear 2+ more times! and wow the funy thing is...all yall are JUST REPEATING YOURSELVES over and over and over again.  I know im going to get a lot fo e-mails saying "be quiet you little junior, you ahve no idea what your talking about...your talking to adults right now! how dare you say that!".  But the thing is alot of yall don't sound like adults, but just angry people who are upset at things that are trying to be solved. o kay so tevis MIGHT of messed up a bit...its ONE year and maybe they have a couple years i dunno, but i think all of yall need to get over it rigth about now. its getting old hearing all of you talk about the same thing!  well thats about all im going to say. sorry the letter was so long, but i just really had to get it out in the open because its true to MY opinion!

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