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RE: [RC] horse pulsing down - Susan E. Garlinghouse

I’ve never seen any particular benefit to supplementation with B-1, nor does the literature support the claims, but others swear to it.  However, any B vitamin in sufficient dose to produce a physiologic effect on behavior also acts as a potent diuretic---in other words, the horse will pee like a race horse.  Given that the horse in question is presumably green and not experienced enough to take good care of itself on the trail, the additional dehydration effect may not be worth it.


I agree with others comments that wet saddle blankets are a better ‘cure’.


Susan Garlinghouse, DVM


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Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 7:39 AM
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Subject: [RC] horse pulsing down


Karen, you might try dosing your mare with B-1 which acts as a calming influence, maybe at the half way.  And the more experience she gets, the better she should be.  Also camp as far away from the vet area as possible so the 2 horses cannot feed off each other.  Get her use to your signals for calming down and relaxing too.  You will have to figure out what will work, for my horse, stroking her face, rubbing her neck, crooning (all my friends shut up), rubbing her ears, all those signals tell her to relax.

The other thing to consider is go to a ride without her buddy and then see what happens.  Then you will know for sure that having a buddy in camp and not on the ride is the problem.  Jeanie

[RC] horse pulsing down, larry Miller