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[RC] [RC] Hi Tie / Corral - Karen

http://members.tripod.com/ridephotos/horse/ties.html That page is a comparison of the various ties out on the market. I need to update it somewhat so it is clear to people that they don't tie their horses with a quick release snap directly to the horses halter. Two of my friends horses got loose at Death Valley because of being tied that way, and when my friend walked around camp she saw several other horses clipped directly to the quick releases! NO NO NO, horses can rub or scratch and unclip them in an instant. Caribbeaners and rope clips can also be undone all too easily by a horse. Please use a bull snap or another form of a locking clip that is horse-proof. We definitely don't need any horses getting loose at rides. There is a link from that page that has more comments from me. I also want to point out here that I have seen even more accidents in the last year with horses that have been tied with bungee ties. I won't tie my horses with those, and just hate to see so many people using them. They *are* dangerous. Horses might go a hundred nights on one without a problem, or even five hundred nights but then that one chance in a million they lie down and roll, or simply to rest and get up with a leg caught and when that bungee gets wrapped around a horse, pulled to beyond capacity and breaks it is a lethal weapon, capable of killing or seriously injuring anybody in the vicinity. If somebody thinks that those really thick bungee ties are too thick to break, guess again. I've seen them break, more than once. Okay, done with safety lecture for today :+)

I really love the hi-ties, I kept them and put them on the new trailer this year. None of my horses have had an accident with the new ties. The best thing I like about them is that they are quiet. The kind I had before got more rattley with use and became pretty obnoxious.

in NV


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