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[RC] Checking saddle fit. - Ridecamp Guest

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Truman, you have to admit, that it is one mighty fine tool
for checking saddle fit.  It doesn't cost $l,000.00, but it will
save you thousands.
It is one of the best tools that we have available, for the average person to 
own and use.  And I do believe that if you
use it often, to check your good fitting saddle, that you 
should not have any problems with saddle fit.  And if you
try the saddles that you are planning to purchase, with the
Impression Pad, it will tell you if it fits, if it needs to
be adjusted, shimmed or just not to bother with that saddle.
You may need some help adjusting your saddle, but at least you
will know about your saddle, and you won't have to guess anymore.
It is one of the reasons that I switched to a Reactor Panel
saddle.  I think that I have done impressions on just about
every saddle make and kind out there, except for the big western
saddles. And I can usually tell you what the problem is, before I do the 
impression.  But I have also spent many hours learning
about impressions, adjusting saddles, until I get that perfect
impression and fit, and I can get it.
I love the Reator Panel Saddle, because they are so adjustable,
they work and move with the horse, and I can almost always fit this saddle to 
what I believe is a 99% perfect fit.
And I tell people, call me in a month or 6 weeks, lets check it
again.  Thats part of the problem, people don't realize how much
their horses are changing.  Most people want to put their saddle on, and forget 
about it, for the next several years.  It doesn't work that way.  You must 
check your saddle fit regularly.
I think, until they come up with something, as cheap, and as easy for the 
average person to use, it should give alot of riders piece of mind.  You don't 
have to be a math genus to use
the pad, you just have to be able to see, and feel. 
I love working with the Impression Pad, the more I do, the more
I learn, and the more I am amazed at what I see.
My goal is for every horse to have a good fitting saddle, one horse at a time.


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