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Re: [RC] Poop Patrol - heidi

My friends & I ran into the "poop patrol" at a local campground.  We
usually stop at this restroom near Lake Ming & the Kern River.  We stop
after riding about 15 miles on our training loop.  The bathroom is
located right next to a parking lot, it has a pine tree and some grass.
We are there about 10 minutes max, taking turns using the facilities &
holding our horses.  A ranger stopped & told us we couldn't stand there,
we had to go to the dirt area (no shade, no grass).  When asked why, he
said people might not like the horse poop.  My reply was "As opposed to
all the dirty diapers & dog poop lying all over the ground."  He didn't
think it was funny.  We told him okay, & then just stood there.  He
finally left, we didn't leave, & we still stop there.  Talk about
ridiculous!  BYW, our horses, after 15 miles, have never pooped there,
but if they do, we'll pick it up!  The campground is dirty with the
above mentioned items, but no horse poop!

Yeah, compared to the dirty diapers, fast food wrappers, soft drink cups,
broken beer and liquor bottles, shot up beer cans, condoms (used),
feminine hygiene products (used), syringes (used), toilet paper (used),
and other efluvia one all too frequently encounters along public trails, a
little horse poop seems, well, downright CLEAN...



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[RC] Poop Patrol, GarnerT