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Fw: [RC] Cold Mountain Lameness Remedy - Dot Wiggins

ground and set >horse's foot in it.  Horse will (?) stand till the heat
(Note ???? above,  I think I'd expect to get splashed when the horse
stomped)  Wonder if you could get the next one done?
Think it would be as hot as when the shoer "hot fits" a shoe?   Some of my
horses have not liked that.

Never tried it, don't know if it works, but guess it might.

Probably prefer the hot grease to an open flame.  Perhaps neither. <VBG>

Surprized at the response about similar treatments.  I thought my story  was
a fluke.  Maybe those old timers knew something?     Maybe not?

Loved your scenario Susan.!!

Here's how the scenario would go with any of my horses:
Put your heavy cast iron frying pan on the hot stove, add enough bacon
grease to about an inch or more deep.  Chase away the dogs, cats and
attracted to the smell of bacon.  When it is very hot set it on the ground
and set horse's foot in it.  Duck as the horse immediately kicks the pan
hot grease towards your face.  Shriek like a fire alarm as the bacon
fails to deaden nerves close to the surface of your exposed, blistering
nicely lubricated skin.  Chase away dogs and cats who are licking grease
the walls.  Chase away husband who is speculating about your
abilities and the likelihood of getting a BLT for lunch anytime soon.  Put
horse away (still tenderfooted and now more than a little confused) and
rummage through bathroom cabinets for codeine.  Notice that narcotics and
stiff shot of Jack Daniels did a much better job of deadening nerve
than did hot bacon grease.

Susan G, DVM <g>


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