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[RC] Knee pain - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Bruce Weary DC bweary@xxxxxxxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Regarding your knee pain, if the pain is bilateral and symmetrical, it is 
likely musculoligamentous strain from a change in equipment--i.e., shorter 
stirrup lengths, new stirrups, thicker saddle pad, different riding shoes. It 
won't be bursitis, as there are no bursae on the inside or outside of the knee. 
Only just below the kneecap and along the upper inside of the tibia, or 
  If there is no detectable heat or swelling in the painful areas, Ibuprofen 
may not help much. It's not likely you have any internal derangement in the 
knee, like a torn cartilage, but, depending on your age and other factors, if 
the cartilages in your knees have worn a little thin, the knee can become a 
little "sloppy," or unstable. Then, when the knee is put under strain, the 
ligaments are subject to a greater load and can get sore.
  At any rate, rest, fiddle with the equipment, a little alternating ice and 
heat, and if all else fails, DMSO kills pain like novacaine.    And remember, 
all advice is worth what you pay for it.   Bruce Weary, DC

===========================================================This weekend, many 
of you are at rides...25's, 50's or 100's.  You are the
lucky ones.  I know you did whatever you had to do to get to 'em.  I know
that each of you go to 'em with different so-called "goals" in mind...but I
also know that each of you cares for your horse and realize that "carrying
you" is the least of what he/she does for you.  LIFTING YOU is the true
~  Ryder

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